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Lee Elliott Of Bachy Fame Just Clapped Back To MAFS’ Biggest Troll

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There are a few constants in life: taxes, Australia bungling the vaccine rollout, and a certain someone from a season of Married At First Sight many moons ago being a troll on the internet.

With millions of people in Australia being in lockdown right now, we get it: we all have a bit of extra time on our hands. Most of us are using that time to bake, go on long walks remembering what 2019 was like, or binge-watching shows like Sex/Life or Too Hot To Handle.

However, a small portion of people have decided to keep trolling people on the internet unnecessarily, which brings us to this article.

You may remember Lee Elliott from Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette – undeniably the best season of The Bachelorette we’ve ever had. The two were recently married in a beautiful ceremony and are just out there living their best lives and minding their own business.

Enter Dean Wells from Married at First Sight 2018 – you may remember him as, well, a person who existed on the show.

Dean often finds himself in controversy from time to time, whether it’s trying to get the attention of Clementine Ford or just making stupid comments on the internet for attention. While normally we wouldn’t bother feeding his insatiable appetite for said attention, we just wanted to simply celebrate Lee’s clapback to Dean.

Lee uploaded this pic on June 22, celebrating five years since his season of The Bachelorette.


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A post shared by Lee Elliott (@leeroyelliott)

Which for some godforsaken reason led Dean Wells to commenting on the photo in the early hours of the morning on July 2, with this hot take, which Lee didn’t hesitate to clap back to.

dean wells lee elliott

Lee later posted it on his story, saying he was “flattered” out of all the things Dean could possibly do in the world, of all the profiles to stalk, Dean chose Lee’s profile to peruse at 3am in the morning.

dean wells lee elliott

Could we suggest making a nice, warm drink and popping on a sleeping mask and some meditation tracks next time late-night insomnia hits?