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Liam Cooper Has Slammed Last Night’s ‘MAFS’ Reunion Edit

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Liam Cooper has slammed Married at First Sight, saying the edit that was shown during last night’s dinner party cut out all the context as to why he snubbed his wife Georgia Fairweather.

In a dramatic TV moment, when Liam entered the reunion dinner party, he made a point of swerving Georgia’s hello, shocking the experts and viewers at home with his cold behaviour. On the show, it was made to seem like he did it due to still not being happy with what happened between himself and Georgia during final vows.

Liam has now taken to his Snapchat to showcase the true story, as he still doesn’t have control over his own Instagram account. Luckily for us, the So Dramatic podcast has captured Liam’s side of things.

“How in God’s name are you guys covering this edit up?!” Liam began his tirade. “Tonight was solely based around the video that came out from Georgia, Johnny, and Jason. That video was fucking disgusting, and tonight at the very start of the dinner party, we all went to town.  I questioned Jason about the video, I pulled Georgia up on the video, Jason just sat there with a fucking smug look on his face and didn’t even want to talk about it. Georgia said she was sorry, and I said to her ‘no, you’re only sorry because you’ve been caught out.'”

“To sit there, and edit this out and make it look like I ignored Georgia for shits and gigs, is purely disgusting.”

Watch Liam slam the MAFS dinner party edit below:


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Liam also said in his video that he also ignored Jason upon entering the reunion, and when he sat down next to Patrick he told him the reason he ignored Georgia was because of the video.

If you need a refresher on what video had Liam so mad, it was the one where Jason went on a homophobic and fatphobic drunken rant, calling Liam names, with Georgia and Johnny egging him on in the background. Married at First Sight cast members have now spoken out about the moment, saying Georgia, Johnny, and Jason tried to deny things at the reunion and the producers tried to cover the whole video up.

It’s all extremely gross, and while Jason has apologised to the, uh, Daily Mail, it’s said that no one has apologised to Liam directly for their behaviour.