mafs 2024 tori jack sex

The Real Reason Why Tori And Jack Haven’t Had Sex On MAFS

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One of the main plot points of this season of Married At First Sight has been why Tori and Jack haven’t bonked. 

In case you need a little refresher, Jack is without a doubt this year’s villain. He’s already dealt with a ‘girlfriend on the outside’ drama, told another groom in the experiment to “put a muzzle on your woman”, and dished out a whole host of inappropriate and rude comments throughout his time on our screens. He has been paired with Tori, who opened this season as the ‘Alpha female’ saying she took zero shit from dudes, but since getting hitched she’s stuck by Jack each and every time he’s done something a bit fucked up. 

One of the things that the couple have been copping a lot of heat from, though, is their intimacy. 

Yes, Married At First Sight is one of those shows where we know who’s shagged and how it went. And that information is then used as a measuring stick for each couple’s success. While there’s no exact published matrix, this is what I believe to be true:

  • Sex on the first night = too keen, will fizzle out before the end of the show
  • Sex sometime between the start of the honeymoon and intimacy week = perfect innings
  • Sex after intimacy week = a slow burn, but perhaps a true love story
  • No sex at all = doomed for failure

And so far, Tori and Jack are in that last unfortunate bucket. 

mafs 2024 tori jack sex

Because Tori and Jack have been in such defence mode about, well, everything, their sex life has become a niggling point for the wider group and the experts to push. When Jack says a cooked thing about not being attracted to his wife, the sex situation is brought back up again. And apparently, that repetitive conversation has played into why the two haven’t done the deed.

An insider spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about Tori and Jack’s relationship. “The constant requests for updates became annoying and some of Jack’s mates are blaming that pressure on why he didn’t just get down to business earlier,” they explained.

Which is kinda fair – people speculating about how snoozy your sex life is is far from an aphrodisiac. 

The same insider shared with Yahoo Lifestyle that Tori and Jack do eventually bonk, but it happens much later on – after the family visits towards the end of the experiment. “It was super awkward because neither he nor Tori felt comfortable with letting producers into their accommodation. The last thing they wanted to do was unpack their time between the sheets with a camera crew,” the insider said. 

mafs 2024 tori jack

Unfortunately, it looks like the drama is far from fucking off for Tori and Jack, as Jack’s ex-girlfriend has shared some troubling news on Instagram. (And yes, this is the same ex-girlfriend that Jack talked about on the show that he lied to and said he was going to work in America when he was slipping off to go on MAFS.)

She posted an Instagram Story revealing she slept with Jack after filming had wrapped on Married At First Sight – so if Tori and Jack say yes to each other at final vows, then this is a full-on cheating claim. 

“When he says he’s into his wife but he comes home and sleeps with me and proceeds to break my heart again,” Courtney Jade writes. “I shouldn’t have done it but I did not knowing the disrespect or outcome of this show lessons were learnt and holy hell I have never dealt with such an awful person until I met him.”

She also shared that Tori knows about this affair and, according to Courtney, she “doesn’t care” – which follows suit with how Tori has reacted to Jack’s other discretions. 

Honestly, this season is absolute mayhem and I am so personally invested in seeing who actually stays together at final vows. 

Image credit: Nine + Punkee