Lyndall Grace MAFS Married at First Sight Cam Woods New Boyfriend

Lyndall From ‘MAFS’ Says Her New Boyfriend Is A “Massive Step Up” From Cam

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It’s no secret that Lyndall Grace had a rough time on MAFS. While she was always there for her fellow brides when shit hit the fan, she didn’t exactly have the greatest match in Cam Woods

The bubbly accountant from WA went on the show finally allowing herself to find love, after receiving life-changing medication for cystic fibrosis. Her life expectancy was 32, but this new drug could give her an additional 30 years. 

It was super frustrating when she was paired with Cam, who appeared to string her along throughout the show with no intention of committing. He must have discovered a ~magical~ way to get phone reception after the show, because he jumped into another relationship rather quickly. 

Cam Woods storming off after final vows on MAFS leaving Lyndall Grace Married at First Sight

Cam Woods leaving Lyndall Grace after final vows on MAFS. Image credit: Channel 9, MAFS

So naturally, I almost jumped out of my chair when I saw that Lyndall hard-launched her new relationship. I know these are just people we see on TV, but she seemed like such an angel and deserved better. Plus, her final vows were incredible, and I loved that Cam’s speech went straight in the bin.

Who is Lyndall Grace’s new boyfriend Jordan Litchfield?

I reached out to Lyndall to hear all about her new boyfriend Jordan Litchfield, and the way they got together is kinda chaotic. Apparently, the pair matched on Hinge, as Jordan recognised Bronte Schofield from one of Lyndall’s pics. He knew that Bronte had gone on MAFS, so asked Lyndall if she’d watched the show.

“I said, ‘Yep, [I’ve watched] every episode’,” Lyndall recalled. “He then said, ‘Oh, then you’d know of Jesse [Burford]? I don’t know him but I’ve heard he’s a bit tragic’. And being the protective friend I was, I was like, ‘Nah [he’s] judgy, see you later, and unmatched him.”

Lyndall Grace MAFS Married at First Sight Cam Woods New Boyfriend

Jordan Litchfield and Lyndall Grace. Image: Supplied

A few weeks later, lightning struck twice when the pair matched again, this time on Tinder. Lyndall had completely forgotten the whole exchange, so they started chatting again. “He’d finally realised I was on MAFS. It wasn’t until our first date when he said he was surprised I said yes, given that I’d unmatched him the first time around, that I remembered what had happened,” she said. 

“He’s now met Jesse and they get along like a house on fire, we hang out all the time.”

Lyndall Grace shades ex Cam Woods by saying her boyfriend is a “massive step up”.

It seems like Lyndall has truly upgraded and I love this for her. She told Punkee that Jordan is a “massive step up” from Cam, and that the pair are super happy.

“Given I hadn’t dated anyone since [MAFS], my brain was in ‘no affection ever’ mode and even before we were dating, seriously, he was the most patient person,” she explained. “He made me feel safe, calm, and genuinely helped me so much to open up again. He’s absolutely fantastic.”

Lyndall Grace MAFS Married at First Sight Cam Woods New Boyfriend

Jordan Litchfield and Lyndall Grace. Image credit: Supplied

The couple have now started watching MAFS together, with Lyndall documenting their experience on Instagram. They’ve watched the first three wedding episodes, and since Jordan has heard about Cam in great detail, he’s not a fan.

“He might be a bit biased going in. He was sad seeing how affectionate we were on day one, because when he and I met it took a really long time for me to open up to it again, after feeling like it was wrong to want [it] and if I asked for it or got the slightest bit, I’d be yelled at,” she said. “To put it simply, he can’t stand the guy.”

I was surprised that Lyndall was able to watch the show back, considering what happened to her and some of her close friends while filming. She said that it was easier to watch now, since most people have moved on from their shared trauma.

“Most of the cast are happier now – or at least on their way there,” she said. 

Image credits: Channel 9, MAFS, Supplied