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INVESTIGATION: Which ‘MAFS’ Couples Are Still Together?

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Say what you will about this year’s Married at First Sight couples, but there’s no denying that some of the pairings have actually been legitimately well-matched.

Sure, we’ve got walking disasters like Kate and Matt, who recently exited the experiment, but then there are couples like Dom and Jack who genuinely make me believe in true love. And whether you like them or not, Olivia and Jackson have fostered one of the strongest relationships ever created from this show.

Then there are couples like Selina and Cody, along with Ella and Mitch, who have endured rollercoaster romances: one week they’re getting along great, the next they are on the verge of splitting. With the final weeks of MAFS upon us, we thought it was time to do a deep-dive into whether any of the remaining couples are still together. And in typical MAFS fashion, the rate of success on this show ain’t great!

Tamara & Brent

Status: Not together

Signs are not looking good for these two. While MAFS has been airing, the couple have not done any interviews together. In an awkward moment on Today Extra, Brent was expected to appear alongside his TV wife in an interview but he was a no-show with Tamara claiming he had slept in. “Brent’s having a sleep-in,” she told the morning show hosts. “He wasn’t up for waking up too early this morning.” Sounds fake but OK!

In another Today Extra interview, Brent appeared with Tamara but in a separate video as Brent was in Sydney while Tamara’s video call screened from the Gold Coast. Given they are living in different states, it’s unlikely they’ve continued their relationship beyond the experiment. To add insult to injury, Brent was pictured enjoying a beach day with Ella on Valentine’s Day.

Brent was quizzed by The Wash about the photos where he clarified that Dom was also at the beach with himself and Ella, who he called just a “good friend”. The reality TV gossip page also asked Brent about rumours Tamara had moved on with Mitch, to which he replied “Why not? Good luck to them, I guess.” Yikes.

This takes us to our next couple…

Ella & Mitch

Status: Not together

Unsurprisingly, with rumours flying that Ella is now dating Brent and Mitch is seeing Tamara, it’s probably all over for Mitch and Ella. In February, Mitch was photographed partying with Tamara on the Gold Coast, triggering rumours the two were an item. “They were only too happy to pose for selfies with my friend and didn’t even try and pretend like they weren’t together,” an onlooker told the Daily Mail.

The photos came a week after Brent was spotted with Ella on Valentine’s Day, suggesting the rather public outing could be some form of couple-swapping revenge.

There’s clearly no love lost between Ella and Mitch, as Ella recently appeared on the So Dramatic! podcast where she spilled loads of tea, even claiming Mitch regretted doing the show. “On a radio interview I did last week they were saying that he said he regrets doing it all. I don’t understand how you can go on a show, meet a great chick, have an overall positive time… He’s really disconnecting from the whole experience.”

Reading in between the lines here, it doesn’t sound like Mitch and Ella are going to get a happy ending.

Dom & Jack

Status: Still together

This couple aren’t just likely still together, they are rumoured to be engaged. Cute! Dom even dropped in a radio interview on BecCosi & Lehmo in March that Jack had recently been over for an Italian family gathering. “On the weekend it was my birthday, we all had a huge party with my family,” she said. “Jack was there, it was great.” Dom went on to reveal how Jack’s integrating into her life, telling the radio hosts, “We’re getting along like a house on fire.”

Dom’s account is also backed up by photos of the couple still appearing to be together in recent months. In January, they were spotted at dinner together, and they were papped in February on a night out with some of the other MAFS cast members.

I’m calling it now: Jack and Dom are together and thriving!

Selina & Cody

Status: Not together

In a turn of events that will surprise… no one, Selina and Cody probably haven’t gone the distance.

They possibly dated until the end of 2021, but may have split shortly after. They were seen together in October walking around Sydney, and the couple were also photographed at a beach in Selina’s hometown at the end of December, spotted cuddling as they frolicked in the water. In the photos, they were both still wearing their wedding rings and in early February, Selina was spotted still wearing her wedding ring.

While Cody and Selina were papped attending the MAFS reunion together, they have not been photographed together in 2022 — so signs aren’t looking great for this couple.

Olivia & Jackson

Status: Still together

In the least surprising development, Olivia and Jackson appear to still be very much together. Following the reunion, Jackson moved from Melbourne to the Central Coast which happens to be where Olivia resides. The Daily Mail reported that Jackson has moved into Olivia’s family home in beachside town of Avoca.

“Jack and Liv have been inseparable since filming wrapped last month,” a source told the news website. “Jackson is in awe of Olivia. She is honest and will say exactly what she is thinking and he just totally loves that.” The couple have also been spotted together holding hands at the Terrigal Hotel.

Jackson’s friend Molly, who appeared during Homestays Week, also may have low-key spoiled the ending by leaving a Facebook comment shared by The Wash confirming “they are still together”. In an interview on Today Extra, Olivia referred to Jackson as the ‘love of my life’.

Samantha & Al

Status: Not together

They were barely together during the experiment, so it should come as no huge shock that Al and Sam did not go the distance. The last time they were photographed together was enjoying a beach date in November, however this was part of filming the reality dating show. Since filming wrapped, Al and Sam have not appeared to have spent any time with each other outside of the experiment.

It doesn’t help matters that according to So Dramatic! Al has been spotted on Hinge, although whether or not his profile is legit has yet to be verified.

This means that out of the 11 couples married this season, only two couples have translated from the experiment to the real world. Grim!

For those still interested…

Carolina & Daniel

Status: Still together

They aren’t technically a couple in the MAFS experiment, rather a product of this year’s cheating scandal, but it turns out that lying and deceiving is a recipe for ever-lasting love. Against all the odds, Carolina and Daniel appear to still be happily dating, despite the experts forbidding them from continuing on the show as a couple.

And in case you were wondering, yes the couple have consummated their relationship. In an interview on Kyle and Jackie O, Daniel (over)shared what happened after they were booted from the show. “We went back and had a drink, I looked at her in the eyes and said, ‘We are evicted from the experiment. Let’s have sex.'” Lovely!

The couple have been photographed together several times in recent months and according to The Wash, Daniel has been staying with Carolina and her son in Sydney and he even brought Carolina to meet his family in Brisbane.

This article is obviously just speculation, so stay tuned for the MAFS reunion to see if we were correct.