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Tonight’s Incredibly Bizarre ‘MAFS’ Finale Recapped Via The Funniest Tweets

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Sound the alarms, pop the champagne, and light up those sparklers – tonight Married at First Sight aired its chaotic finale, releasing us from the addictive drama that has been gripping us for weeks.

While there are many blessings to this show being over (Bye Bryce! Hope to never see you again!), it’s with a sadness in our hearts that we say goodbye to the show for another year. What will we do with our nights now? Am I really meant to start seeing people again socially on a weeknight and not be hunched over my laptop, screaming at the insanely disgusting men this show casts and pledging to be single for the rest of my life even though no one has liked me on Bumble for weeks?

Moving on, last week’s reunion dinner party was dramatic, sure, but it didn’t have as much pizzazz as it usually does. There was no wine (or water) throwing, we were all a LOT over the Bryce drama, and it seemed as though the biggest story of the night involving Georgia, Liam, and Jason was left on the cutting room floor.

While we still didn’t get any closure on that matter, what really took centre stage tonight was a different incriminating video: in the video, we were shown Bec kissing another man when she went home to check on her sick dog. So not only did she cheat on Jake, she tried to deflect from the video with an outrageous lie that still has us wheezing.

So pick your mouth up off the ground again, and let’s recap tonight’s Married at First Sight via the funniest tweets:

The couples walk down memory lane and rewatch their wedding days. Johnny and Kerry talk to the experts first, and Johnny reveals that he is in love with Kerry.

Cameron and Samantha get up next to rehash their tumultuous journey and the extent of Cameron’s lying to Samantha about Coco is finally revealed, including their kiss which Coco originally denied happened.

Alana and Jason unpacked their relationship, and it was an emotional time for both of them. Not so much us, because Alana deserves better, but they were really having a moment. They decided to end the experiment as “friends.”

Liam and Georgia had their chat with the experts, yet once again the context of THAT video was removed, so the whole thing was redundant viewing.

Bryce and Melissa stepped up to profess their love, and Bryce said by moving to Melbourne he was finally ready to put someone else first. We were forced to rewatch their horrendous “highlights” if you can even call them that. The experts then showed exactly what Bryce’s friends said after Bryce and Melissa left them in Canberra. Melissa didn’t care, because she thinks Bryce is some prize rather than a piece of garbage.

Finally, the moment we were waiting for. While Rebecca and Jake were a chore to watch on the show, a secret video was unleashed that caught EVERYONE, especially Jake, off-guard and it was pure drama. Rebecca was caught kissing another guy on camera, before saying… it was her brother?! As it turned out, it was an ex-flame, which resulted in Jake walking out of the reunion. Can we just reiterate she first tried to say it was her BROTHER.

Oh, and then we got to see Patrick and Belinda get up and talk about how happy they are, as though we could just erase the whole “that was my brother” from our brains.

Well, what a season fam. I’m sure we’ll have more MAFS goss for you soon enough as couples makeup, breakup, and kiss their brothers some more but, until then, thanks for joining us again during this Married at First Sight season!