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UK Fans Just Watched The Susie/Splenda ‘MAFS’ Episode & I Can’t Stop Laughing

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The sixth season of Married at First Sight Australia continues to absolutely enthral UK viewers, as England remains in lockdown until at least March.

The show has become a phenomenon over in the UK, and viewers have just seen the scene where Susie Bradley argues with Billy Vincent over Splenda on the beach. The online reaction has been immense.

It’s legit made headlines overseas:

The above report in The Sun relays the argument, writing: “The 27-year-old nurse insisted Billy lied about having Splenda in the house and for claiming he hadn’t surfed for a while when he had.”

I’m sorry, but this is SO FUNNY.

There’s a feeling you get when non-Australians encounter something that is just painfully Aussie — it’s a mixture of pride and embarrassment. This was one of the most iconic MAFS fights in history because it was just so stupid.

If you want a recap of the whole argument, we’ve got you covered, but it all essentially came about after Billy told Susie that he “for sure” had Splenda for her morning coffee, then all of a sudden…he said he did not have any sweetener.

This truly triggered Susie, and another weird lie that made matters worse was that Billy claimed he was a skilled surfer, then all of a sudden his story changed and he said he hadn’t surfed in months. It was just the kind of petty fight that makes perfect TV, and Susie’s rather extreme reaction to these relatively innocent mistruths made TV gold.

UK viewers are baffled by Susie’s reaction to Billy not having Splenda:

As to be expected, most UK viewers are firmly on ‘Team Billy’, and Susie has struggled to find many UK fans. Viewers are comparing their hate for her with Ines Basic, who bared the brunt of a bunch of trolling and death threats when the season starting airing overseas.

So, how have Susie and Billy reacted to their newfound UK fame? Susie deleted her personal Instagram a while ago, so it’s hard to say. Meanwhile, Billy posted a series of Instagram stories, and when asks if he’s still friends with Susie, he said: “I’m indifferent to her, hey. It is what it is, but she’s not coming over for crumpets and a tea any time soon.”

I think we all know that wouldn’t happen, Billy. You don’t have any Splenda.