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Medical Experts Have Weighed In On Carrie Not Calling 911 On ‘And Just Like That’

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Sex and the City has made its long-awaited return with TV reboot And Just Like That, which has already caused plenty of stir among fans with bombshell after bombshell dropped.

If you haven’t seen the first two episodes and don’t want them spoiled, then you need to exit this browser window right TF now.

OK! Now that we’re all in a safe and spoiler-filled space, we can talk freely about how most SATC viewers are truly baffled by Mr. Big’s death scene at the end of the season premiere, or more specifically, Carrie’s reaction.

Big suffers a heart attack after riding a Peloton exercise bike, which ends in him slumped over in the shower trying to reach for his phone to assumedly call 911, but his phone ended up getting soaked in the shower. Carrie arrived home from Charlotte’s daughter piano recital just as Big was drawing his final breath. However, Carrie makes no attempt to dial 911 — even though when she walked into the bathroom Big is clearly not dead yet — and instead she simply shouted his name and hugged him.

Unhelpful! Carrie, seriously… wtf?

Even Jonah Hill is outraged, as he should be.


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After the episode aired, Twitter was flooded by people outraged by how little effort Carrie put into saving Big’s life, even comparing the scene to when Rose wouldn’t let Jack share her door on Titanic.

People on TikTok are equally baffled.

@kspinsAnd just like that…. I screamed at my TV because WTF!? ##andjustlikethat ##carriebradshaw ##kspins #sexandthecity ##wtf♬ original sound – Kelly Spinelli

One TikTokker’s husband happens to be an emergency medical technician, and she got him to watch the scene and give his expert opinion on what Carrie should have done. “The second she gets on the phone to 911, they could have given her direction on how to start CPR. This is careless. She wanted him to die,” he said.

@makeup2themaxxI’m still not ok!! Carrie should’ve made moves! #andjustlikethat #sexandthecity🌃 #carrieandbig #AJLT♬ original sound – Makeup2themaxx

Vulture went one step further by interviewing a cardiologist (a doctor who specialises in heart disease and abnormalities) about the infuriating SATC scene. Daniel Luger from Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center answered a few questions about what Carrie should have done. When asked if she should have called 911, he was not pulling any punches, “Absolutely. This is her fault,” he said.

He added that Big’s condition sounded like a “treatable problem,” and that generally “People don’t die from heart attacks anymore because we’re so good at quickly opening up the arteries, treating the sequelae of coronary disease or pump failure.”

Luger clarified exactly what Carrie should have done — rather than, you know, sitting down in the shower and ruining her wedding shoes. “What she needed to do was, when he went unconscious and lost a pulse, she needed to immediately start CPR. Feel for a pulse, call for help, and start chest compressions. Because you can absolutely stimulate blood flow to the brain and the rest of the vital organs with CPR, and once EMS came, they could have resuscitated him immediately with medications and defibrillation. So did she just sit there?”

Pretty much!

The article’s author, Rachel Handler, and other avid fans have noted how close Carrie and Big’s apartment was to a nearby hospital.

Luger finished the interview by encouraging readers to call 911 in similar situation and start doing CPR. “You can definitely save people’s lives that way. He didn’t need to die. This is a goddamn travesty.”