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‘Sex And The City’ Fans Agree Steve Deserves Better On ‘And Just Like That’

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When it comes to Sex and the City characters, there’s arguably no one more universally loved than Steve Brady.

In a sea of bad men, Steve was one of the only good boyfriends ever platformed on the show — with the exception of Charlotte’s husband Harry, of course. Unlike toxic boyfriends like Trey, Richard, Mr. Big, and even Aidan, Steve was a loyal, kind, and unproblematic king, which makes his treatment in the And Just Like That revival all the more unjust.

Steve is barely in the new series, appearing briefly so far in only a handful of episodes aired. This could be excused if none of the storylines concerned Steve, but in fact, there’s one major plot that is all about Steve and Miranda’s marriage — yet Steve is still a no-show.

If you’ve read this far without watching the latest And Just Like That episodes, beware of spoilers below.

In episode five, Miranda cheats on Steve with Carrie’s boss Che, while Carrie pees herself in the other room as she is recovering from hip surgery and can’t walk to the toilet. It’s a lot! Carrie watches as Miranda and Che make out in her kitchen, then Che fingers Miranda. Afterwards, when Miranda is confronted by Carrie, she laughs it off while still drunk off tequila.

Then in episode six, Miranda tells Charlotte what happened. Rather than pointing to the infidelity, Charlotte is more concerned with the fact that Miranda cheated with someone who is non-binary. “Are you gay now?” Charlotte snaps, adding “you are not progressive enough for this”. Miranda storms off in a huff, and in a later scene she texts Che to hang out again.

This has left most fans wondering: where was Steve in all these conversations? Remember Steve? You know, Miranda’s husband of several decades.

While marriages end all the time, the series has dedicated practically zero screen time to showing why Miranda was so discontent in her marriage with Steve. She told Charlotte in an episode that they no longer had sex, but we also saw a sweet dynamic between Miranda and Steve in the early episodes — joking at Lily’s piano recital and making granola together.

This was hardly enough information for fans to understand why Miranda was seeking romance elsewhere from Che. It is worth noting that Miranda grappling with her alcoholism, her sexuality, and unhappiness in her life would also play a large part in her decision to cheat, but fans of the character are still struggling to accept that Miranda would so callously deceive Steve, especially given their history.

After all, the first Sex and the City movie was all about the fallout from Steve cheating on Miranda. Steve’s infidelity was treated as the ultimate betrayal and it made Miranda question whether their marriage could recover. Steve and Miranda endured a lengthy separation before eventually attending marriage counselling and reconciling on the Brooklyn Bridge.

And this was all over a one-night stand. By comparison, Miranda has been emotionally cheating with Che since they shared an intimate moment at the standup comedian’s after-party. Plus it looks like Miranda is attempting to continue the affair by initiating another encounter with Che, while Steve is none the wiser.

The whole thing reeks of double standards and fans aren’t having it.

Steve deserves so much better! This Twitter user puts it best…

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