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16 People Who Can’t Even Deal With Billie On ‘Sex/Life’

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There’s no doubt that Netflix’s steamy new series Sex/Life has taken the world by storm, and yep, we’re writing about it again!

From the funny tweets, to the frantic Google searches about that nude shower scene, and the cliffhanger ending that hints towards a second season, Sex/Life has left viewers entranced, confused, and utterly frustrated all at the same time.

The series follows Billie, who seemingly has it all. But as she settles into life as a suburban mother, she starts to wonder about the other part of herself that’s been buried deep inside – the wilder, free Billie who used to grace the mean streets of New York City and get lots of mindblowing sex from her ex-boyfriend Brad.

What follows is one woman’s tumultuous journey into trying to figure out what she really wants in life: the 85% of the dream life she has with husband Cooper, even though their intimacy is lacking? Or is she really after the 15% she’s missing that leads her to constantly fantasising about bad boy Brad?

Warning! Spoilers ahead if you haven’t finished the series! 

The season finale has a lot of Sex/Life fans wildly confused, with Billie and Cooper seemingly working things out only for Billie to tell Brad she’s not leaving her husband, but she wants to have sex with him. Does Cooper know? Is Brad OK with this considering he is in love with Billie? Is Billie really a mental health professional, coz girl is being so damn messy?!

Fans can’t help but be frustrated with Billie’s rollercoaster journey over the series and the mess she’s created along the way.

Just a bunch of funny tweets about people who can’t even deal with Billie on Netflix’s Sex/Life:
















Look, at the end of the day there’s no denying we wouldn’t want to be in Billie’s shoes.