Cam Woods, Tayla Winter and Hugo Armstrong from MAFS. Photo: Channel 9/MAFS

Tayla Has Made Some Wild Claims About ‘MAFS’

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Married at First Sight “villain” Tayla Winter has continued her PR campaign to clear her name, claiming the producers took her reactions completely out of context. The controversial queen, who somehow believed she would get a “good edit”, has declared she was completely blindsided.

The MAFS intruder seemed to be stitched up by the producers, with her husband Hugo Armstrong appearing to be the complete opposite of what the Tassie bride requested. She wanted somebody who didn’t talk much, a “man’s man”, a footballer or a tradie… hmm, sounds like Cam Woods to me.

The frosty bride refused to share a bed with Hugo, and alleged producers wouldn’t let her leave the experiment. “It [was] nothing like what I expected. I remember calling my mum and telling her ‘I can’t leave’. She said, ‘Tayla you can leave, they can’t physically hold you there’,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

“You prepare yourself for an unfavourable edit, however you still think you’re somewhat in control of how you’re portrayed,” she said. “Personally, I thought I was going to get a good edit. When context is removed, your audio is cut and pasted to create conversations. Your facial expressions and your reactions are something completely different to what actually happened.”

Hugo Armstrong and Tayla Winter on MAFS. Photo: Channel 9/MAFS

During her attempt to clear her name, she claimed that reaction shots of her face were used to make her seem like a bully. “We were told things like: ‘Could you do a frustrated face?’. But you could be doing that to say, a mouthful of food you disliked, and then it is edited so you’re making that face to a girl walking into a dinner party,” she explained. 

She also took another jab at Channel Nine’s social media gag order, claiming it left her with no way to control the narrative or defend herself from trolls.

Tayla’s terrifying airport encounter

Since the experiment ended, the reality TV contestant has received some brutal backlash from the public, with some spilling over into real life. 

“I was recently stalked at Sydney airport and was told I needed to be punished,” she revealed. “I’ve been told I need to meet three men in a dark alley to teach me a lesson, I’ve been called every name under the sun.

“When people are publicly stating they want to hurt you it’s really scary.”

Hugo Armstrong, Tayla Winter and Layton Mills at a MAFS dinner party. Photo: Channel 9/MAFS

Fellow contestant Jesse Burford recently stuck up for Tayla and the other “villains”, saying that nobody deserved to bear the brunt of a bad edit.

“Not Alyssa, not Dan, not Cam, not Tayla, not Shannon and not Adam. In the same way the villains aren’t that bad, the heroes aren’t that perfect either. Myself included,” he said. 

Look, I’m all for people being held accountable for their actions, but these threats seem… excessive. Let’s gently step away from the keyboard and grab a glass of wine instead.

All image credits: MAFS, Channel Nine