Adam from The Bachelorette

Adam From ‘The Bachelorette’ Asked Angie To Send Him Home

Adam was sent home from The Bachelorette on last night’s episode – but we didn’t really get to see a lot of him.

It’s not like he was left out of group dates – he was at the dog one wearing a backwards cap, and he tried his hand at comedy, where we saw him do little more than whip the mic lead.

He came across as one of those handsome guys who doesn’t let himself get caught up in the drama. Except, and we almost forgot about this, Adam did call out Timm last week for taking Angie away at the cocktail party right after having a single date. He was also definitely present when the lads called out Ryan for doing the exact same thing this week.

The men of The Bachelorette

Punkee spoke to Adam about bro-code violations, being ready to go home, and how Angie probably wants to mash Carlin and Timm together.

Here’s what Adam had to say about his time on The Bachelorette:

On having a word with both Ryan and Timm for their selfish cocktail party behaviour

“I was involved [last night], not that you could see. I was a bit vocal about it, because I just felt like, bro-code, yes, but also just a bit of a level of respect as well, because there were some guys that genuinely did want time with her, but were a bit softer, a bit quieter. They just didn’t get an opportunity because those guys would just pounce on everything.

“[Timm] cut in after having a single date. I just said, ‘So you’d be having the guys, your friends, go home because you just took up that huge chunk of time?’ I didn’t talk to her at all that cocktail party and a few other guys were in the same boat. I was like, you know, ‘Yes, it’s a show, but we’re all friends here as well.’ He’s like, ‘We’ve all got the same 24 hours!’

“I think Ciarran said it best, he had a rose and he had single time and he wanted to respect his friends, which for the most part we all were. And we have to live together. But it was kinda like when cocktail parties started and everyone had a few drinks, that all went out the window.”

On his little sister signing him up to be the next Bachelor

“You know what, it wasn’t actually a conscious decision of mine. My little sister applied for me. I was going through a little bit of a tough time after the last breakup. I applied for The Bachelor and I ended up on The Bachelorette. It took some convincing but I eventually went, why not?

“I knew nothing of [Angie]. I never watched Gogglebox or I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!.” 

On being upfront with Angie about having kids from the very start

“When [Angie] first came in, I thought, you know what, she seems pretty genuine. So I basically just came out with it – I was like, ‘Oh, I was married and I’ve got two kids. So if you wanna send me home, if you don’t see yourself becoming a stepmum, send me home on the first night.’

“There was no real crazy chemistry or spark or connection there either. That’s probably something I struggled with a little bit because usually in real life, if someone doesn’t give you a lot, you don’t go back for a second and third crack.”

On how he reckons he was actually pretty good at the Bachelorette comedy club

“[Stand-up is] one of those things that it was on my bucket list to do. I’m so glad I did it. I might do it again because it was a lot of fun.”

“I feel like I nailed my stand-up. Some of the other guys like Timm and the comedian, Harley Breen, were like, ‘Mate, you were really good at that.’ I was a little disappointed that it didn’t get on there. At the time, I felt like I really nailed it, and I left the stage kind of buzzing. At that stage, I’d done a breath workshop that even the crew were really interested in, and that was on camera. So I thought, I’ve run that breath workshop and I’ve done a comedy show, I’ve made some great mates, Angie and I aren’t connecting, so I think it’s my time.”

On how he kinda asked to be sent home & how Angie said goodbye

“Our last chat, which you don’t see, was me just saying, ‘Look, based on the guys you’re picking, they’re kind of the first guys I’d wanna go partying with, but it seems like maybe I’m not the kinda guy [for you], and I take being a dad seriously, so perhaps it’s time to send me home.’

“I knew I was going on that night. It was kinda nice. You don’t see it there, but she took me outside of the rose ceremony and we had a chat next to the limo. She was like, ‘Aww, I’m really sad.’ And I said, ‘Look you made the right decision. I didn’t really feel anything for you, you didn’t really feel anything for me.’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, I felt like you wanted to get home and see your babies.'”

On whether Jamie is as clingy as he seems on The Bachelorette

“He’s a great guy and I’ve got a lot of time for him, but you have to be sparing with that time that you give him. There’s like a dirt track in the mansion, it’s about 300 metres long, and just for my own mental space, I used to walk it for an hour a day. In the beginning he would see me and he’d come running out and quite literally his mouth never stopped for an hour. In the end I had to try to avoid him and even look for different paths, which there weren’t many. I think it’d be hard living in Jamie’s head.”

On who he thinks are the big contenders for Angie’s heart

“Obviously in the beginning, and I said it on air, I was like Carlin is completely cheating – he’s like a Greek adonis, and he’s actually a nice guy, and he’s intelligent, and he can sing and play the guitar. I was just like, ‘Mate, you are deadset cheating, this is rigged.’ I think Timm is obviously right up there because he’s got great energy, he is hilarious – it’s a bit hectic. But I think she’d probably like to mash those two together. I think Jackson was one of them that I thought she would really go for because he is a good mix of a really funny guy but he’s really genuine and down-to-earth.”