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A Relationship Expert Predicts Who ‘The Bachelorette’ Winner Will Be

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The Bachelorette finale is just around the corner and for once the winner isn’t SUPER obvious.

Brooke Blurton’s season has been full of frontrunners and people there for genuine reasons which made a refreshing change from the forced drama from previous seasons.

The final three is a tight race: we’ve got Jamie-Lee Dayz from Brooke’s season of The Bachelor with the two already having formed a strong friendship that’s now turned romantic. Then there’s Holly Langford who Brooke formed an instant connection with on the red carpet with their relationship going from strength to strength… until hometowns rocked the boat. Finally, we have Darvid Garayeli, the winner of Brooke’s first impression rose and who also won the last solo date.

While most people are thinking Darvid has it in the bag, we decided to ask eHarmony relationship expert and psychologist Sharon Draper for her read on who she thinks Brooke will choose in the end.

A relationship expert predicts who will win The Bachelorette:


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“To Jamie-Lee, Brooke was the ‘one that got away’ in the Honey Badger’s season of The Bachelor. As Brooke and Jamie-Lee already knew each other from before, a foundation for a relationship was already present. Having a friendship with the person you are dating ensures that a certain level of trust can be established. It’s evident from the way that Jamie-Lee and Brooke initially interact with each other that they feel comfortable in one another’s presence.

However, although Jamie-Lee appeals to Brooke’s sentimental side, it’s evident that Brooke has some doubts about her intentions. Given Jamie-Lee’s appearance on The Bachelor before and recent rumours regarding her and fellow contestant, Ryan, it seems the seeds of doubt have already been planted in Brooke’s mind. Despite the makings of a strong relationship, I don’t believe their connection is the strongest one in the mansion.”



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“From the moment that Holly stepped out of the limo, it was clear that Brooke was quite taken by her. By using consent, Holly immediately created a safe space for Brooke and her to express their feelings. Asking Brooke for a hug and a slow dance laid down the foundations for a communicative and healthy relationship.

Beyond this, both Holly and Brooke possess an easy-going and laidback demeanour that is reflected through their interactions. As a self-proclaimed ‘beach bum’ and athlete, Holly’s passion for life mirrors Brooke’s outlook.

Furthermore, there is an undeniable sexual chemistry between them. They seem to just ‘get’ each other – physically and emotionally. They both display nonverbal cues, such as eye contact and subtle or direct touching (think leaning into one another and lasting hugs).”



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“Darvid certainly made an impact on Brooke from the moment they met – he was the recipient of the white rose on the premiere episode. In earlier episodes, Darvid appears more hesitant than others to express his feelings. This isn’t necessarily a negative: in fact, it is a healthy way to approach a relationship in the beginning stages.

The 27-year-old landscaper from Queensland comes across as a deep-thinker. It’s evident that his soulful nature appeals to Brooke’s desire for substance in a significant other. From the first episode, Brooke admitted that her connection with Darvid was strong. This is reflected through tell-tale signs of chemistry, such as seeking him out in a group setting, steady eye contact and admitting to thinking about him when he’s not around. Darvid has admitted to similar feelings, stating that his feelings mirror Brooke’s.”

So who will receive Brooke’s final rose?

“Whilst each of the three contestants bring different qualities to the table, it’s likely that Darvid will be Brooke’s ultimate choice. Although Brooke showed a similar vulnerability with Konrad before his elimination, her and Darvid’s connection appears to be deeper. They possess a natural chemistry that appears to have developed organically, rather than through the pressures of the show. This type of connection is ideal for a lasting and strong relationship.”

The Bachelorette finale kicks off Wednesday night from 7:30pm on Channel 10.