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A Bachelorette Villain Is Claiming He Was Almost The Bachelor & Yeah, Sure Jan

This year’s garbage fire Bachy seasons just keep getting more baffling, with one of The Bachelorette’s villains now claiming he almost got Locky Gilbert’s gig — and ooft, it could have been a disaster.

The So Dramatic! podcast continues to tirelessly provide us with scalding Bachy tea, and this time it’s back claiming that freshly booted contestant Pascal Wallace was the plan D Bachelor. “Pascal told me that he was in the final stages of casting for The Bachelor and it was down to just him and Locky. But he was beaten at the final interview by Locky,” she said.

“The producers then decided to go with Locky because he was already well-known, and already on contract with them. Pascal says: ‘After I didn’t get the role, producers called me and said, ‘so we have all your stuff [details] for The Bachelor, do you want to just apply for The Bachelorette? So I was fast-tracked to the final stages.'”

We have reached out to Channel 10 regarding Pascal’s claims that he was in the running to be the Bachelor. Do we believe him?!

Megan went on to read out what Pascal said about his time on the show, and again, he tried to defend himself for being kicked out of the mansion for saying disparaging comments about the sisters’ looks. “The guys were really good quality: funny, entertaining, good-looking and they had good jobs. Most of the guys thought the girls sucked and were vocal about it. They were complaining that they were stuck with them, it was a common conversation in the house,” Pascal told Megan.

“I wasn’t the main one saying it. The ones who had been saying it the most [had] already left the house, so I became a scapegoat for the whole thing.”  Errr, is this meant to make him seem like a good guy? Men, honestly.

Megan spoke to “multiple contestants” from the season, who substantiated what Aggi said about Pascal on Thursday night’s episode. “According to a number of contestants, Pascal did say those things about the girls in the house and he was the main offender behind the comments.” One contestant added, “He was going around saying that the girls were ugly, and stuff like that.”

Yikes. Let us be forever thankful that this guy was never Australia’s Bachelor because 2020 simply couldn’t have gotten any worse.

Listen to the full episode of So Dramatic! here.