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Tonight’s ‘The Bachelorette’ Retold Via The Funniest Tweets

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We’re back for another week The Bachelorette mayhem, and in the wise words of Michael Scott “No question about it, I am ready to get hurt again.”

On tonight’s episode, Brooke took Holly on a solo date which followed sparks flying between the two when they met on premiere night and slow-danced together. The dancing continued tonight, with the couple attending a salsa lesson. Things got deep after the class, as Brooke and Holly both shared a bit about their dating philosophies — it was refreshing to watch such an honest and non-judgemental conversation take place on an Australian reality show.

But it wasn’t all DMs and serious chats, on the group date the contestants had to run around an inflated obstacle course to compete for a place in a compatibility challenge. This ended in a select few getting quizzed on hot topics ranging from their finances to whether they are for or against a top sheet (top sheet ftw!). Contestants who won each round could cut the string of one of their competitors, and the person with the most strings at the end would be the winner. Of course, early frontrunner Darvid was targeted and ended up having all his strings sliced.

At the cocktail party, the Darvid drama continued. Emily was still holding a grudge from their fight from last week’s episode when Darvid dared to speak to Brooke, even though he already had a rose. If she got mad at that, let’s not tell Emily that Darvid and Brooke totally had a secret pash at the end of tonight’s episode. I fear her little horse girl heart could not take it.

Tonight’s The Bachelorette retold in funny tweets:

Brooke took Holly on their first solo date. Brooke was nervous but she calmed down when they did a salsa dancing class together.

They spoke about Holly’s dating history, and both agreed on not judging potential partners on anything but connection. Holly got gifted a rose before they shared a kiss.

The group date was a compatibility challenge. Firstly, the group had to compete to collect hearts from an inflated obstacle course. Then the winners faced off in a test to see if their answers matched Brooke’s. They could cut each other’s heartstrings to knock people out of the competition, which meant that everyone targeted poor Darvid.

Emily won a rose from Brooke, but didn’t seem to get any extra time with her?? At the cocktail party, Darvid and Emily butted heads over whether it was fair to steal time with Brooke if you already had a rose.

Darvid shared a secret kiss with Brooke later that night. At the rose ceremony, Ritu was sent home.