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Shannon Has Explained Why He Was Papped Back In ‘The Bachelorette’ Mansion

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Shannon Karaka broke our hearts a little last night, making a very gracious exit from The Bachelorette during hometowns.

After introducing Becky to his family, Shannon’s brothers told Becky that they had never seen him so happy, only for Becky to get upset realising she wasn’t in the same place as Shannon. It was pretty heartbreaking viewing, with fans of the show feeling for both Becky and Shannon in that moment.

In his trademark positive form, Shannon comforted Becky, saying he was happy for her that she’s found love with someone else.

Shannon was an early frontrunner in the race for Becky’s heart, winning time on the Country Rose date and establishing a strong connection early on. Also, who could forget this moment? I watch it on repeat about three times a day.

shannon the bachelorette

However, Shannon never got a second date and while he won the Daddy Daycare challenge (luckily it wasn’t awarded based on mopping talents), it was all too little, too late and their connection halted.

We spoke to Shannon about his time on the show, why he was spotted heading back into The Bachelorette mansion, and on Osher’s wish to make him the 2o21 Bachelor.

the bachelorette australia recap

On getting over Becky:

“It’s been a bit of time since then and we haven’t spoken at all, so I’m over it now. But at the time, it was disappointing and I was gutted but who am I to get in front of her falling in love with someone else? That’s how I feel. I just appreciate how hard it is to find your one, and she found it in somebody else. I’m happy for her, it’s all good!”

On whether he was approached to go on the show or applied himself:

“The experience just came about, and you know what, I’m single and I’ve been single for a little while, and I was just open to finding a partner. You know, I had a goal on my mind, I want to have a family, I’m 31. I just thought why not, it’s a unique experience to be part of.”

On being greeted by two beautiful blondes on the red carpet:

“I was so shocked there were two girls there, it took me a few seconds to register. My initial first impression, I spoke to both, they were both lovely. I wanted to base it off who I felt a stronger connection with after our first chat. With Becky, we had such a good connection from the first time we spoke. I said she had a sweet spirit and that was my first impression of her, and she nearly cried when I said that. From that point onwards it was just her and I. And we had an amazing first date, and first kiss, and it was all just really good!”

On what we didn’t see:

becky shannon the bachelorette

“There was extra time with Becky that I got that wasn’t shown, and I had a lot of really beautiful moments with her at the cocktail party and some of those weren’t shown either. That’s how the feelings really developed. A lot of it was off-camera, but my feelings were definitely there.”

On why he was papped sneaking back into the mansion:

“I think, you know, how it panned out, it wasn’t meant to pan out like that. Technically you’d go to a rose ceremony. But me going back to the mansion was going back to shoot things I was supposed to shoot that day, because the rose ceremony was meant to be that evening. So I had to be back there because there was also exit interviews I had to do as well. So there’s no plot twist or anything like that! It was just me going to do some shoots and interviews!”

On his Home and Away cameo and whether acting is in his future:

“I think calling me an actor is a bit of a reach. But I was on Home and Away for one episode, it was only a few seconds. It was a cool experience! Would I do something like that in the future? Look after doing this, I had such a lovely time, in the future I wouldn’t say no. Blood and sand, you know? [laughs]”

(Editor’s note: Here’s something we mocked up earlier.)

On whether he’d be the 2021 Bachelor:

“I mean, after this experience definitely, I had such a good time. The girls were amazing, meeting everyone on the show, everyone was just so lovely. And also I had so many nice experiences for myself, I learned a lot about what love means to me and what I’m looking for in a partner. I feel like now more than ever, I’d be so ready to find somebody. I mean, if it happens, I’d be open to it for sure.”