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Timm Calls His ‘Bachy’ Experience “Fucking Heavy” After Last Night’s Brutal Dumping

Last night, Angie dumped Timm on the finale of The Bachelorette – even after calling him her “soulmate”.

Still, there seemed to be something in her tone that indicated that all her kinds words would be followed up by a “But…”

Before she even got to that bit of her speech, Angie was crying and Timm had cottoned on to what was going on. Instead of being gently rejected, he was comforting her and telling her about what a great guy Carlin is. It was devastating and heart-warming in equal measure to watch our favourite goofball pest respond with such grace and kindness, before going off to grieve on his own.

(Sorry, a grieving .gif was too sad, so we put this dance one here instead).

It seems like Timm hasn’t done much press today, unlike past Bachy dumpees, only chatting to a couple of media outlets.

This is what we managed to find out from Timm’s limited Bachelorette press opps today.

He was shocked about losing, but also wasn’t…

Speaking to 10 Daily, Timm said that he was surprised that Angie wouldn’t take a gamble on him again – after she chose to take him to the final two in Byron over Ryan.

“I felt like she rolled the dice once, why wouldn’t she do it again,” he said. “I was shocked, but then I wasn’t at the same time. It was such a mixed bag of emotions.

“It took me a fair while to process what actually happened and then you don’t see her again. You have this whole experience together and I haven’t seen her again, do you know what I mean? It’s fucking heavy.

“I haven’t felt like that with anyone in such a long time,” he added. “We had such a good connection from the start, it was so hard to just say goodbye in the end.”

He never expected to make it this far in the competition.

But it’s not like Timm expected going in that he would end up making it to the final two.

“When I first went in there I went in with an open mind, I actually didn’t think it would happen. Next thing I know I was swept off my feet,” he told 10 Daily. “It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. It was good, it was just really hard to be so vulnerable and open.”

He really didn’t want to see Angie cry.

Timm also spoke on the Kyle & Jackie O show about how he stayed composed in those final moments – at least until he was away from Angie.

“At the last rose ceremony when she let Ryan go, she broke down and cried in my arms,” he explained. “I just knew when that happened I was just thinking the whole time, ‘If she doesn’t pick me, I’m not letting her cry like that again.’ So I just started making jokes and that sorta changed her mood.”

He regrets not being able to open up earlier.

He said that he regrets not being vulnerable with the Bachelorette earlier, and concluded that what he learned from the experience was to “open up and go with how you’re feeling instead of trying to hide it”.

Timm also revealed that he and Angie are still in contact, but that he wouldn’t want to date if things fell apart between her and Carlin. “I think me and Angie will be mates forever.”

He could be back on our screens if asked…

Despite his heartbreak, there’s hope that we might see Timm bringing his chaotic cow-spotting energy to Paradise

He told Kyle & Jackie O that he was open to a spin as the Bachelor, and said to 10 Daily:

“I’d definitely be open to doing something like [The Bachelorette] again,” he said. “Although it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, it was definitely one of the best times I’ve ever had in my life. A hundred pe cent open to doing something like it again.”

That could explain why he wasn’t around for press today… People have already been spotted/rumoured to be in Fiji