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Tonight’s ‘MAFS’ Weddings Retold In Hilarious Tweets

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If we learnt anything from tonight’s Married at First Sight, it’s that this is Coco’s world and we’re just living in it.

People will either love or hate Coco this season, and right now I’m sitting firmly in the love category. Sure, she’s loud and says bizarre things like inserting ‘What’s good, Papi?’ into her wedding vows. But she’s also extremely entertaining, which is something this show needs. The experts have, of course, matched her with someone easily irritated and offended (Sam), so it’s obvious their union ain’t going to last.

One pairing from tonight’s episode that might be the most perfect match the experts have ever orchestrated is Booka and Brett. They just look so beautiful together, have electric chemistry, and they show a lot of promise to actually go the distance. Meanwhile, young mum Samantha wed Cameron, a man who claims he doesn’t get excited about anything…not even marrying a stranger on TV.

I honestly don’t know where they find these people, but we are forever grateful. Roll the funny tweets!

Tonight’s Married at First Sight retold in funny tweets:

We rejoin our couples from last night and learn that Melissa and Bryce banged, while Jake and Rebecca slept in separate beds.

Then it’s on to the next batch of couples. Samantha is a single mum who left her husband after finding out he’d been cheating, and she is matched with crane operator Cameron.

Booka is the next bride to be introduced and she’s getting married to Brett. They make a perfect match, and we can hardly believe the experts actually did their jobs for once.

Next up, it’s quirky contestant Coco, who was matched with Sam. This match is truly made in hell.

It’s wedding time! Samantha and Cameron are impressed when they first meet, but Cameron gives Samantha the cold shoulder after he learns she has kids.

Meanwhile Booka and Brett make the most beautiful couple the show has ever seen and they are already crushing hard on each other. Although we are all low-key distracted by the bridesmaids’ dresses.

On the flip-side, Sam is thrown off by how full on Coco is, admitting that he finds her too loud and worries that she says inappropriate things. He tells her all this outside the reception, and it is rather awkward.