Married At First Sight MAFS Sex confession adam seed jesse burford harrison boon josh white rupert budgen

Punkee Investigates: Who Is The ‘MAFS’ Groom That Made His Date Watch ‘MAFS’ After Sex?

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The Married at First Sight rumour mill has gone into overdrive, and while I’m a tiny bit sick of dredging up past drama, there’s a juicy new secret that’s absolutely blowing my mind. Season 10 groom Jesse Burford has been asking his Instagram followers to share some anonymous confessions, and one involved a MAFS contestant’s sex life. 

It’s equal parts cringe and amazing. I’m kinda hoping it’s true, but also, kinda praying it’s not. Here’s what the anon comment said: “Slept with a guy from MAFS. He made me watch reruns of the show after he finished. Dead.”

Married At First Sight MAFS Sex confession adam seed jesse burford harrison boon josh white rupert budgen

If that’s true, god, that gives me the biggest ick. Of course, fans have been sleuthing online to try and get any info about who this particular groom could be. On Jesse’s original Instagram story, he asked his followers to vote for which groom it could be about, nominating Adam Seed, Hugo Armstrong, Josh White and Rupert Budgen

Over 50% of the vote went towards Adam Seed, but some fans have been floating the theory that it could be Harrison Boon… or even Jesse himself. Here’s my take.

A few of the MAFS grooms have clapped back, so here’s what we know… 

Suspect #1: Adam Seed

This would be my number one pick, with his actions on the show (you know, cheating on Janelle Han with Claire Nomarhas) showing his sneaky side. However, he’s dismissed speculation, and told fans via his Instagram story that he “couldn’t watch that shit himself, let alone make someone else watch it”. 

Suspect #2: Jesse Burford

Moving on to Jesse, some fans on MAFS fan Facebook groups have been suggesting he shared it to take the heat OFF himself. So, could he be the one with a MAFS rerun kink? Apparently not. “The debate is going wild… a lot of people messaging me saying, ‘I bet it was you, wasn’t it?’. Hand on heart, I can say it was not me,” he said on his Instagram story.

“I highly doubt it was Harrison. The four boys who I did list were the boys who I’m confident were single for the longest after filming. Could be wrong, but that’s just my calculated guess.”

Harrison married at first sight

Suspect #3: Harrison Boon

Walking red flag Harrison has been in a relo for a while now, but he took the chance to crack a joke about the whole situ. I’m so sorry to put you guys through this, but for research purposes, this is what he said: “Jesse, you got me. It was me. I actually can’t finish unless MAFS is playing in the background. Preferably a commitment ceremony where John’s chewing me out again.” 

Suspect #4: Rupert Budgen

Our fave nervy comedian Rupert is a Hinge king, so we know he’s been trying to date after the show. It’s been suggested by fans on Facebook that he could be the type to put MAFS on after having sex, as a kind of self-deprecating joke. But, he’s made a good point, telling Jesse that he can’t bring himself to watch MAFS (he was a bundle of nerves, after all), and added that he wouldn’t make someone else watch it. 

Suspect #5: Josh White

Disney Daddy Josh is pretty active on a few MAFS fan groups on Facebook, and he took the chance to make a few jokes in the comments. “I’m at 9% and feel attacked,” he wrote, before adding that he voted for himself, because he felt bad for the other guys. 

Suspect #6: Hugo Armstrong

Hugo isn’t high on the list, but, could he be our MAFS watcher? Considering he was an intruder, and didn’t make it to the end, he didn’t exactly have much airtime. And when he was on screen, he was looking like a kicked puppy while his match Tayla Winter didn’t want to be near him, or, taking part in the whole butt dial-gate. 

Suspect #7: Duncan James

It pains me to write Duncan’s name here, since he’s so loved-up with Evelyn Ellis, but Jesse has put this theory out into the universe, so I will too. 

“You know who I think it is… I think it would be funny if it ended up being Duncan. Because he’s the last person any of us would expect to be the perpetrator of that,” he said. “Maybe we’ll find out by the end of the day who the perpetrator is.”

Suspect #8: A past MAFS groom

It’s possible that the MAFS groom in question was actually from an earlier season. There’s quite a few options, from Olivia Frazer’s ex Jackson Lonie, to Ella Ding’s ex Mitch Eynaud, but I guess we’ll never know… unless that anonymous fan wants to slide us into our DMs. Pls, it’s Extremely Important Journalism. 

Image credits: Channel 9, MAFS, Instagram/@jesse_burford