Alyssa From ‘MAFS’ Says The Show ‘Ruined’ Her Life …It’s About To Get Worse

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This year’s MAFS ‘villains’ have come together to speak out about the treatment they’ve received after being on the show. It’s no secret that some of the contestants have been trolled by fans who have watched their journey, but the show finished airing in April, so you’d think that would’ve blown over by now.

But as Married At First Sight continues to reach new viewers around the world – airing in the UK earlier this year and is now available to stream in the US on Lifetime – it seems the 15 minutes of fame for the contestants is stretching out a lot longer. 

After Alyssa Barmonde (of ‘I have a child’ fame) was told that the show was currently on Lifetime, she claims she contacted Channel 9 and the production company Endemol Shine to see what mental health support would be offered to the cast. 

mafs married at first sight alyssa barmonde tayla winter harrison boon villains edit mental health channel 9 nine endemol shine care contestants contributors reality tv

Screenshots shared by MAFS’ Alyssa Barmonde and Harrison Boon. Photo credit: Instagram/@alyssa_barmonde, @harrison_boon_

“I’ve just been notified by my sister that MAFS Australia is now available to stream in the US. I am not ready for another berating of online hate and trolling. What is EMS and Channel 9 going to do to support? And what other countries is it being aired in?” Alyssa asked. 

“Why were we not contacted? As I know Love Triangle participants have been kept in the loop. This is really disturbing and concerning.”

Tayla Winter addresses MAFS streaming in the US.

Alyssa’s first message sparked concern amongst the cast, who Endemol Shine allegedly informed after Alyssa reached out.

Intruder Tayla Winter, who has previously talked about getting a ‘villain edit’, shared some screenshots of messages exchanged with someone she claims is an Endemol Shine employee. 

Tayla Winter on Married at First Sight. Photo credit: Channel 9, MAFS

In the alleged messages, the wellness officer Renee provides multiple phone numbers for Tayla to reach out for help, including a 24/7 counselling service, a local Psychologist and a contact for Channel Nine security. 

However, she also appears to take offence to Tayla’s previous messages (which aren’t shown), before cutting off contact completely. “Tayla, it is best that we do not continue to communicate. I am blocking your number now and once again refer you to the supports available,” the alleged message reads. 

Tayla shared a screenshot to her Instagram story, claiming that producers’ behaviour has been “scary” and potentially “unethical”. 

mafs married at first sight alyssa barmonde tayla winter harrison boon villains edit mental health channel 9 nine endemol shine care contestants contributors reality tv

Screenshots of Tayla’s Instagram Story including an alleged conversation with an Endemol Shine employee. Photo credit: Instagram/@taylawinter

“I encourage anyone interested in how cruel reality TV can be behind the scenes to follow Alyssa, who is providing a lot of educating content surrounding this. Something needs to change,” she wrote. 

MAFS’ Harrison Boon shares screenshots.

Harrison Boon also shared a screenshot of the apparent message from Endemol Shine informing him the show is currently streaming in the US. It included a phone number for mental health support and encouraged him to reach out if he had any further questions. 

“This is the mental health support we get post-MAFS with all the death threats, hateful DMs, slander and bad publicity. Some random number to call. Thanks Endemol,” he wrote. 


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Alyssa then took to her Instagram Story to share some more thoughts. She called her time on MAFS “really traumatic” and claimed that some of the contestants have had their “lives really ruined” by the show. 

“It’s going to continue until Endemol Shine and Channel 9 and production and producers of reality TV actually do something for the contestants,” she said. “We are just going to shout it at the top of our lungs until things change.”

Punkee has reached out to Channel 9 for comment.

Image credits: Channel 9, MAFS, Instagram/@alyssa_barmonde, @taylawinter, @harrison_boon_