MAFS married at first sight harrison boon alyssa barmonde duncan james drama feud leaked dms messages

Alyssa From ‘MAFS’ Has Been Exposed By A Leaked Instagram DM

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It’s been months since Married at First Sight finished airing, and over a year since the cast filmed the show – and yet there’s still so much drama, and a bunch of it revolves around controversial cast member Alyssa Barmonde.

This year’s cast has followed a well-worn path, attempting to hold onto the spotlight for as long as physically possible after final vows. Bronte Schofield and Caitlin McConville joined OnlyFans, a bunch of contestants started podcasts, and of course, Harrison Boon competed in one of the infamous boxing matches

Harrison lost his fight against former MAFS star Daniel Holmes, but some Season 10 brides were seen at the event, which got fans talking.

To get you up to speed, MAFS’ Jackson Lonie went head-to-head with Love Island’s Tak Chipangura, and roped in some of this year’s brides to follow him to the ring. He was supported by Bronte Schofield, Tayla Winter, Sandy Jawanda, Lyndall Grace… and Alyssa. 

In a leaked DM published on the MAFS Uncensored Instagram account, Alyssa apparently congratulated Harrison on his fight. 

“Hi Harrison! Great fight yesterday! Just wanted to tell you that I waved at Gina and I don’t want her to think I was being rude or like not being genuine,” she said, along with a white heart emoji. 


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While her alleged message was short and sweet, it seems that Harrison wasn’t pleased by Alyssa’s behaviour on the night. 

“Alyssa you came to my fight, never wished me luck or said hi, didn’t introduce yourself to my friends or family and along with the other girls tried to make the event about yourselves cheering on Jackson, a guy who you’ve never met,” he replied.

“Bit disappointing considering how much I’ve supported and checked in on you post MAFS. If roles were reversed and I was at an event for you I’d be making sure to introduce myself to your friends/family and wishing you good luck etc. Just basic good etiquette.”

Harrison went on to say that Alyssa’s behaviour didn’t seem “genuine” at all, but added that he wished her the best for the future. 

Alyssa’s apology to Harrison regarding the boxing match drama. 

When Punkee reached out to hear Alyssa’s side of the story, she took accountability for what went down during the boxing night, saying she “should have done better”.

“I totally understand how Harrison was feeling. I am sorry that I didn’t handle the entire situation correctly. I respect his wishes to no longer be in contact with me. I should have done better,” she told me. 

The Utah-born bride also shared a screenshot of what she had replied to Harrison’s long message, and tbh, it’s a pretty mature way to end things. “I totally get that. And I understand. I am sorry,” she wrote. 

MAFS married at first sight harrison boon alyssa barmonde duncan james drama feud leaked dms messages

Duncan James and Alyssa Barmonde on MAFS. Photo credit: Channel 9, MAFS

MAFS fans question Alyssa’s claim she was “bullied” into supporting Jackson Lonie. 

Some fans wondered why the Season 10 brides all trailed behind Jackson, saying it made them look like a “pack of groupies”. In a comment on social media, Alyssa claimed that walking in with Jackson wasn’t her idea. 

“We were literally bullied into it lol not our idea,” she wrote, before adding that Jackson is a “legend” and she didn’t mind supporting him. 

In the MAFS Uncensored Facebook group, Harrison questioned Alyssa’s handling of the situation, saying it “smacks of clueless immaturity”.


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“If she’s willing to lie about being ‘bullied’ into walking out with Jackson then it begs the question, how do we believe anything she’s saying about Duncan in the media lately? She’s clearly willing to lie about this so how can I believe her when she’s trying to drag my mate?” Harrison claimed. 

Yikes. Could this be in regards to Alyssa’s latest bombshells about her sex life with Duncan, or her suggestion that Duncan cheated on her with Evelyn?

Alyssa speaks out about Harrison’s “hurtful” actions. 

After hearing what Harrison had been saying about her in the Facebook group, Alyssa accused him of riling up more hate against her. 

“It’s just really hurtful that Harrison is sending my private messages to him in a Facebook group to rile up more hate against me. Why he is trying to turn the public against me (even more) is wild. I was always there for him,” she told Punkee

Alyssa Barmonde and Duncan James on MAFS. Photo credit: Channel 9, MAFS

She went on to say that she “forgave” Harrison for something he’d told Duncan in the past. Apparently, Harrison questioned why Duncan would “settle with a 35-year-old mum with baggage”, because he’d likely have 20-year-olds in his DMs after the show. 

“I am not dragging Duncan. I am simply filling the gaps to our experience that the public didn’t see. Speaking my truth,” she added.

Alyssa signed off with one pointed question, and it’s a zinger: “Perhaps ask where the rest of the cast was to support him in watching the fight?”. 

Eek. This is getting messier by the second, and I don’t know what to believe. I’ll keep you updated if we hear anything else. 

Image credits: Channel 9, MAFS