Osher Gunsberg The Masked Singer The Bachelor The Logies Gold Bike Bicycle Interview hair

14 Things We Learned From Our Chaotic Bike Interview With Our Boi Osh

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We’re just gonna say it, it’s an utter travesty that the Osher Günsberg STILL hasn’t won a Gold Logie. Our fave The Bachelor host has been gracing our screens for 25 years now – he’s basically the hardest-working man in television. And if hosting a million reality TV shows and mastering his Bachelor whisper isn’t enough to convince you, think of his hair. That iconic do deserves its own damn Logie.

Punkee has been the Unofficial Campaign Manager For Osher’s Logies Sweep for years now, and you’d better believe we’re back in full swing now that our king is finally actually nominated. We’ve done all sorts of things to solicit Logies votes for Osh in the past, including using clueless men on dating apps, but our latest plug is our most chaotic yet. 

Osher Gunsberg The Masked Singer The Bachelor The Logies Gold Bike Bicycle Interview hair

Our TV king was booked and busy in the ’90s, hosting Australian Idol, presenting for Channel [V] and casually interviewing U2.

In what Osher described as a “first” in his entire 30-year broadcasting career, we interviewed him while he rode his bicycle around Melbourne. Please enjoy.

Here’s everything we learned from our insane bike interview with The Bachelor host Osher Günsberg: from The Logies to being a meme king.

1. He’s up for a Gold Logie but he’s still a humble king 

“The industry literally considers me in the same category as Shaun Micallef and Hamish Blake. They’re two of the best in the history of our industry, and that blows my mind. I’m so grateful.”

2. We should use dating apps to get him Logies votes 

“If you’re a bloke, logging onto a dating app, and you see a picture of a beautiful lady and you think, ‘Ooh, I’ve got a match’. And the next thing you see is not ‘send pics’, it’s ‘send screenshots of your vote for a Gold Logie nominee’, you should do that. Because it’s better than sending a picture of your wang.”

Osher Gunsberg The Masked Singer The Bachelor The Logies Gold Bike Bicycle Interview hair

3. He’s the only person who can connect climate change to his hair 

“If you’re having a hard time understanding that the climate is changing, just understand that it is the same as Osher’s hair. It’s kind of always there, but it’s never going to be the same and you better get used to it.”

4. He thinks dating apps are the worst and he’s so real for this 

“I was on dating apps for a short time before I met my wife. And it was the seventh plane of hell, not that I believe in hell, but it was horrific.”

5. Osher really, really hates veggie stacks 

“Caterers don’t know what to give a vegan, let alone a vegan celiac. I would like to outlaw the veggie stack, I am a gold Logie nominee. I will sit down at the Logie awards, and Hamish Blake will be served a beautiful beef Wellington or a piece of salmon that was line caught in Tasmania. I will get two pieces of eggplant, half a sad potato, a zucchini and some capsicum that they pulled out of a jar. Ooh, it’s got grill marks on it. Fuck you veggie stack.” 

“Or worse, a mushroom risotto. What is that? Come on chefs of Australia. People who don’t eat meat need protein. Put a can of chickpeas on there. It’s a piece of cake.”


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6. His favourite bachelor is Sam Wood

Sam Wood is a very gorgeous man. He’s got abs that could grate cheese if we needed to, and he’s very successful business-wise. But the main reason he’s my favourite is because he was the first bachelor to realise that the reason he was single was because of himself. In those final moments with Snezana when he was able to verbalise that, I was in tears. As a man, it’s very rare you get to see another man talk about that, and it was beautiful. You can’t be what you can’t see, so I thought it was important for other men to see that.” 

7. He thinks of all the bachelors like his children 

“I don’t have a least favourite bachelor, they’re like children. They’re all your favourites but there are some I prefer to hang out with more.”

8. The Bachelor 2024 is going to be ‘very romantic’

“The guys are brilliant, we have three different men and it’s a very romantic season. This season is based around the idea of romance and building moments together, and not giving up when it gets hard. That is a beautiful thing, and it’s a really interesting direction to go. It’s a great Australian love story, with interesting people involved. I think you’re really going to dig it, plus I get to walk around in fantastic coats with scarves and things because it’s Melbourne in the wintertime.”

Osher Gunsberg The Masked Singer The Bachelor The Logies Gold Bike Bicycle Interview hair9. ‘Hot does not last, but kindness will never fade’

“The greatest advice I ever got told about dating was ‘There’s no such thing as the one, there’s just the one who’s willing to work on it with you’. The only other thing I would add to that is that hot does not last but kindness will never ever, ever fade. If you can find someone who is willing to work on life with you and they are kind, delete everything off your phone, because you’re there. I’m someone who has been divorced before and I’m on my second marriage, so I have done the field testing. Trust me on this.”

10. The Masked Singer 2023 made him tear up

“This is easily the most emotional and most heartfelt season of The Masked Singer. When the heads came off, I was in tears three to four times easily because of who it was, and why they were there. I did not expect it to be so emotional and so joyful, but it’s an extraordinary season. I also love that I get to work with Dave, Chrissie, Mel and Abbie, they are beautiful people and I couldn’t ask for a better way to go to work.”

Osher Gunsberg The Masked Singer The Bachelor The Logies Gold Bike Bicycle Interview

11. He was unemployed before he landed The Bachelor

“10 years ago before The Bachelor started, I was actually unemployed. I heard the two words you never want to hear when you work in broadcasting, that the network was going in a ‘different direction’. I couldn’t get a job. There’s been this idea that you somehow reach this moment where things just happen, and you don’t have to put any effort in. I thought that’s what would happen, and my career dissipated and vanished. All the big opportunities I’ve had in my life, have all been from me building something, jumping up and putting myself in the path of a comet that’s going in the direction that I want to be going.”

12. His meme skills are completely natural 

“I love a meme as much as the next person. And late at night when I’m fooling around with CapCut, I will write some dumb shit. And people tend to like it and that’s fine. I love making memes.”

13. We still don’t know why he was on a bike but it was ICONIC

“I hope you could hear me when I was on my bicycle. You’re my first bicycle interview, so there you go. Nearly 30 years in broadcasting and I’ve never done an interview riding a bicycle, let alone a video one. One of my favourite bands is Kraftwerk and they were mad cyclists. Florian Schneider, who has since passed away, previously said that one day, he’d be able to ride his bicycle through the Alps of France, pushing buttons on his handlebar to control musical instruments as a concert plays out in Cologne in Germany. And while we didn’t do that today, I think we brought Florian’s dream to life.”


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14. He loves Punkee almost as much as we love him 

“Oh my god, the Punkee campaigns around The Logies for me are easily better than any bit of metal nailed to a piece of wood, because the Gold Logie is about what you mean to people. The fact that the work I’ve done over my career means that Punkee wants to dedicate time, resources and talent to getting me a Logie, it’s incredibly humbling and overwhelming. I think you really get who I actually am, and if you’ve seen my TikTok you know my sense of humour is pretty weird. I think you really get it and I feel seen guys. I feel fucking seen.”

The video of our bike interview with Osher is coming soon! If you want to vote for Osher, you can do so here. If you’re not planning on voting for Osher, kindly get lost. 

P.S. Can somebody pls put “Fuck you veggie stack” on a t-shirt? 

Note: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Image credits: Channel 10, The Masked Singer, The Bachelor, Instagram/osher_gunsberg