Matt From ‘The Bachelorette’ Says He & Jess From ‘MAFS’ Are Just Good Friends

Matt was sent home from The Bachelorette last night after failing to make much of an impact on Angie, or the general public.

Sure, the BMX rider did tricks on the red carpet and immediately ingratiated himself to Angie’s brother, Brad. But after that point he never really got to spend any time with the Bachelorette.

Still, he had his moments, particularly early on in the series: in episode two, in a classic Bachy “stitch-up”, he was the shirtless blue merman to Timm’s weird misshapen lobster. Later on in the ep, he was also quick to call out Jess’ sexist behaviour.

But he never ended up on a single date and never won one-on-one time with Angie. He just went along on group dates – loving the bachelorette theme maybe too much, cheersing with Angie’s dad, and appearing capable enough at daddy daycare.

But the real highlight of the daddy daycare ep came when Jamie decided to blow everything up and dob in people he considered “ingenuine”. Matt was apparently ready to take his BMX-ing global, and might not have time for Angie. Luckily, Jamie’s bombshell about Carlin was so distracting that Matt never had to answer to the accusation.

Punkee spoke to Matt about why Jamie would want to sell him out and about how he hoped that last night’s mistake would get Ryan the boot.

Here’s what Matt had to say about his time on The Bachelorette:

On Jamie’s accusation that he was too focused on his BMX career to form a relationship with Angie

“Jamie couldn’t even say what I did properly – he called it ‘BMS’, so he doesn’t even know what I do. I barely talked about my career in there, unless it was to good friends because I didn’t want it to be used against me. He’d obviously picked up on little things and just thought it was an easy way to get at me and hopefully get rid of me, but it didn’t work.

“I was pretty upfront and honest with him that he was pretty overboard with Angie. Some of the stuff he was saying, ‘It feels like his girlfriend leaving,’ when she leaves with other guys and stuff, I called him out. So maybe he was just getting back at me.”

On the house-wide beef with Ryan and seeing him squirm last night

“[Ryan] was straight-up with us: he’s not here for the boys. He didn’t really like jumping on the boys’ chats off-camera, where everyone was so real and honest and we had a laugh and talked shit on each other and joked around. It kinda seemed suss. Then to find out there was something he was hiding, it was like, ‘Oh, righto mate.’

“I was hoping that was it for Ryan. I was hoping he was going home. Obviously, she wanted to give him a second chance, they had good connections on their single dates, and she let him off the hook.”

On getting the backing of Angie’s brother, Brad, but no single date

“I probably owe [Brad] some Nitro tickets or something [laughs]. It was tough to hear [about Brad’s support], then be so close to getting that 24-hour date, and not even end up with a single date.

“I’d had a couple of one-on-ones with [Angie], but not actually a full day with her, and then to see people going back around, I was like, ‘Come on, Angie.’ I think that would have changed everything for me to just get out and have some fun, come out of my shell a bit, but it didn’t happen.”

On calling out Jess’ disgusting behaviour at the start of the season

“I just reacted on instinct. That’s how I’d act in real life if someone was being rude to a girl. I’d do that in any situation to stick up for a girl.”

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On going on The Bachelorette for Angie

“I saw it was Angie and I did the auditions and kept making it through stages and it kinda seemed like she would’ve been the right girl for me. She’s outgoing and has done a bit of travelling and is not the usual nine-to-five girl.”

On who he hopes will win The Bachelorette

“I hope Timm wins. He’s just a genuine guy. He’s honest, even if he says stuff he shouldn’t say.”

On his relationship with Jess from MAFS

“Me and Jess are really good friends. It was a hard situation to be in because I didn’t really understand how the whole media world works, with the paps and stuff, and probably should’ve been a little more cautious. But we got caught together a couple of times and that’s about as far as it goes.”