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Everything We Know About Adam Demos, Australia’s Sexiest Export

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Adam Demos may have initially caught our attention in UnREAL, but he really made us sit up and take notice when Sex/Life premiered in 2021.

To put it simply, the Aussie actor and the steamy scenes in Sex/Life made us forget entirely that the plot of the show was kinda, well, terrible. Somehow Adam Demos made his toxic character Brad seem like the perfect catch, and that’s no easy feat.

While we’ve known of this Godly man’s presence for a few years now, it’s almost embarrassing as Australians that it took a bunch of American shows to snap him up and make us aware of his presence.

So, if like us, you’re thirsting after this beautiful human, we’ve rounded up all the things you need to know about our sexiest export.

Here’s everything we know about king of Netflix and Australia’s sexiest export, Adam Demos:


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Adam Demos: The origin story

Born and raised in Wollongong, NSW (Dapto, to be exact, for anyone who knows and loves the Gong), Demos is 36 years old and previously worked as a construction labourer before getting into acting. He moved to Sydney in his early 20s to attend acting classes and had small appearances in a couple of Aussie shows like Home & Away, Underbelly, Rescue Special Ops and Winners & Losers, before eventually making the move to Hollywood where he landed a leading role in UnREAL in 2018.

Oh, and for those curious he’s apparently 6’1. Important, we know.

We tried hard to dig up the Home & Away footage of the one episode he starred in without much luck, but stay tuned, we’ll update if it becomes readily accessible (Channel Seven, call me back!).

King of Netflix

From UnReal to Netflix, Demos then started to garner even more attention playing Christina Milian’s love interest in Falling Inn Love, a perfectly cutesy Netflix romcom. He also appeared as Max, a rugged Aussie farmer in another Netflix romance, A Perfect Pairing. Was the movie good? Debatable! Was he nice to look at in it? Yes!

Then of course, there was Netflix’s sexy smash hit, Sex/Life and the rest… is history.

The Sex/Life Thirstiness

Let’s be real: there’s something about Brad. He’s toxic, he’s charming, he’s hot and Adam Demos plays him perfectly. The shirtless scenes. The chemistry with Sarah Shahi who plays Billie. The soft porn sex scenes. Even if Adam Demos never acted again, he’s gifted horny people around the world with two seasons of Sex/Life and for that, we’re incredibly grateful.

Oh, and is that scene… REAL?

You know the one. The shower scene in Season 1 of Sex/Life where Brad flashes his dick and took the whole world* by surprise and made many men feel inadequate.

*slightly exaggeration.

While the Sex/Life star has kept pretty mum on whether Adam was wearing a prosthetic or not when the scene went viral in 2021, he has since spoken out saying it wasn’t a real dick shot.

The truth is revealed! Ahh well, we can all dream.

Dating History

Adam Demo’s dating history was pretty under wraps until he started dating Sex/Life co-star Sarah Shahi and the two aren’t shy about flaunting their love, letting fans of the show peek into their romance via cute Instagram snaps, comments, and dedications to one another.


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They met and fell in love when shooting the first season of Sex/Life in 2020 and are still going strong to this day, with Demos even teasing in a press interview that perhaps an engagement is in their future. Watch this space!