A Fan Fave Has Been Brutally Dumped On ‘The Bachelor’ & The Nation Is Not Coping

Elly, a frontrunner for basically the entirety of this season of The Bachelor, just got dumped presumably because she dared stand between Dr. Matt and his horny fave, Abbie.

On tonight’s ep, Elly straight-up won the chemistry group date, giving Dr. Matt the most intimate and emotional hug and then making very serious-about-you eye contact. When they were alone together, she said that she was starting to feel the feelings that one might have when they’ve found “the person they want to spend the rest of their life with”.

But such a platitude was worth nothing when she followed it up by taking a swipe at Abbie, the one Dr. Matt has been warned about by his best mate, Kate, Sogand, and now Elly. And that’s not even going back into the ancient history of the Monique-Abbie “dog c**t” drama.

the bachelor australia dog cunt

She warned him at the cocktail party last week, and then again tonight, and Dr. Matt dismissed it as an “opinion”, rather than as “honesty”.

When the Bachelor went to Abbie to clear things up, she did such a good job appearing so upset by the accusation that she never actually had to answer his questions. Why would the women have this perception about her?

Elly faced up to her actions by going to Abbie to tell her what she’d done. Abbie wasn’t here for it, resolving to avoid Elly from this day forward. Well, that day never came.

The Bachelor-viewing nation is understandably distressed – Elly was built up over 12 episodes as a country dream girl, roasting marshmallows and saying wholesome things like “Bugger me!” and “Hooley dooley”. But at least being rejected all of a sudden meant we finally saw Elly use a swear: “What the f*** happened?” she asked, confused in the back of a limo.

She met the mum of all of us, Gai Waterhouse, after scoring the Golden Ticket. They twirled fire together. That kind of bond is meant to be unbreakable.

Viewers are extremely upset to lose their nurse angel, Elly:

And they’re having conniptions about Abbie’s ability to continue to play the Bachelor:

At least now we know we won’t have a Nikki-Alex Nation situation again: our Nikki figure is GONE.