Here’s Who The Jilted ‘Bachelorette’ Blokes Think Is Going To Win Angie’s Heart

It is The Bachelorette finale week, my friends, a week where my editors and I become increasingly pained, panicked and sleep-deprived, as we try to remember every minor detail about our final three.

What we remember about Carlin: he is handsome, but married. He has been accused of being on the show to further his acting career. He has a butt like a peach.

What we remember about Ryan: he is the intruder who loves rescue dogs and slid into Angie’s DMs a whole year ago. He is bald. He lied about only applying for The Bachelorette for Angie.

What we remember about Timm: he has so much chaotic energy it is difficult to understand him. He is honest. He was once a party boy, but would ease up for Angie.

Angie Kent gif the bachelorette

Even with all of this knowledge, it’s tough to pick who will win the season. Does Angie want a plain man or a handsome man or a funny man? So many magician man options, how will she choose!

We made some predictions early on based on binge-watching old seasons (Carlin or maybe Ryan?), which may or may not come to pass. The science is inexact.

But, there is another resource we have at our disposal: asking the dumped Bachelorette contestants to tell us what they think.

Here’s who the season’s heartbroken suitors think will win The Bachelorette:


Tally: 5

The last few blokes to leave the house all backed funny guy Timm to win the series.

Jackson pegged Timm as the eventual winner: “I’m backing Timm with all my money,” he said. “He’s something special. He can make anyone laugh and he certainly makes Angie laugh… But he’s not only funny, he has a lot more depth.”

Alex concurred: “I really hope Timm wins. I got along with Timm really well and he’s a real laugh.” And Matt: “I hope Timm wins. He’s just a genuine guy. He’s honest.”

Tom, meanwhile, described the loveable goof as a “silent assassin”: “Timm’s going pretty strong,” he added.

timm bachelorette australia


Tally: 4

Haydn’s pick was Carlin. Adam, too, reckoned Carlin has always been a contender, and he pegged him as the likely winner. “Carlin is completely cheating – he’s like a Greek adonis, and he’s actually a nice guy, and he’s intelligent, and he can sing and play the guitar.”

Ciarran would choose Carlin if he was in Angie’s shoes. “I was good mates with him, and I know he’s there for genuine reasons. I got to know him really well in the mansion. I’d pick him if that my choice.”


Tally: 1

Scot called every one of the final three a “big threat” – making him the only bloke to back Ryan. Ciarran went so far as to even say, “I don’t wanna sound mean, but I don’t want Ryan to win.”

ryan angie bachelorette gif

Are the boys right? Will Timm win? I can hardly bear the anticipation!!!