‘Bachelorette’ Lovebirds Angie & Carlin Want You To Know That Carlin Is Very Funny Actually

Angie chose handsome man Carlin in last night’s finale of The Bachelorette, to the roars of the nation.

It was easy to peg Carlin as the eventual winner from the very start – because he had that face and bod, which helped Angie overlook the serenade thing and give him the 24-hour rose. They then went glamping, drank rum by the water, did some four-wheel-driving???, and also kayaked together. Romance!

Angie and Carlin on The Bachelorette

While the pair had their rocky moments – Carlin admitting that he’s still married, Jamie accusing him of boasting about being the 2020 Bachelor, his own brother selling him out as an actor at hometowns – ultimately Angie seemed to decide that a down-to-earth man was her best option.

Punkee spoke to Bachelorette lovebirds Angie and Carlin about their new relationship.

Here’s what Carlin and Angie had to say about their experience on The Bachelorette:

Angie on doing the final Bachelorette episode without Osher’s guiding presence

“It is sad! Even though Osher wasn’t there, his spirit’s there. The Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, that is Osher. Family comes first and he had his first little bubba coming and we totally understood. He was so supportive the whole way and has continued to be such a huge support system for me. He’s just the best.”

Angie on not knowing who she was going to pick until the very last minute

“To be completely honest with you, it was such an absolute emotional rollercoaster for me. I was completely torn by the decision and I didn’t know until I was standing on that bridge who I was going to pick. I had a strong feeling who I thought I was going to pick, but I needed to see their faces first. Now looking back, I know that it was pretty clear for me from the beginning who I was gonna pick.”

Angie and Carlin on The Bachelorette

Carlin on how he and Timm are so different

“I was confident in the connection that Angie and I had made and where we were at with that relationship. But Timm and I are polar opposites, we are so different, and I think that’s what threw me the most. I just wasn’t sure who Angie was gonna pick at the end. Walking up to her on that bridge, I was very much guarding my heart in that moment because I was almost expecting heartbreak. I was hopeful but I was expecting to be broken up with as well.”

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WARNING FIRST CORNY COUPLE POST ALERT! I recently read from one of my favorite modern day poets @yung_pueblo ‘make sure the walls you build to protect yourself do not become your prison’ I built up some big ol walls over the years. I have my reasons. We all do. The reality is none of us are going to be a walk in the park to be with. We’ve all suffered or are suffering from something. That’s life. So when you meet someone willing to see past these walls and committed to understanding you and want to grow with you…. don’t let past conditioning, ego or pride get in the way. You knew. Even when I doubted you because of these walls. You were patient with me. Thank-you for fighting for us and knowing what we have was real and pure from the very beginning. You are exactly what I wanted and more coming into this. I love you my Noh Noh @carlinsterritt 🌹 Finally, thank-you for coming on this adventure with us. I can’t even begin to put into words how grateful I am for the people who put their heart soul into this show. Everyone works so incredibly hard. My dream team. You know who you are. Thank-you. The End….Fairytale style. The beginning of real life! x @bacheloretteau #bacheloretteau

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Carlin on how he actually is funny – we just didn’t see it

“It’s hard because what people don’t necessarily get to see when they’re watching, they don’t get to see the whole picture between Angie and I. And I do make her laugh. We have a great time together. When the cameras are off, as well, we have our little moments. We’re just two dorks really. People just didn’t really get to see that with me and it just looked like there were a lot more serious conversations about life and love and the future. It’s hard, but at the end of the day, we know what we’ve got and that’s all that matters.”

Angie and Carlin on The Bachelorette

Angie on whether the ‘acting’ problem is still a source of tension

“I put that to bed so long ago. That it’s still floating around out there, it’s a bit much. I’m so happy with whatever Carlin wants to do – if he wanted to get into acting, that’s totally fine. It was the fact that I didn’t really know and I felt like I was missing out on part of him.”

Carlin on how it feels to watch Angie form connections with other blokes on The Bachelorette

“It’s a lot to take in. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes that we didn’t necessarily see, like all the interviews and things like that and the connections that Angie was making with the other guys. I didn’t really know what was happening. You can only go off your own experience and everything that you know.”

Angie and Carlin on The Bachelorette

Angie on the backlash from the public towards Timm’s dumping

“Timm is so beautiful and I can understand why Australia fell in love with him, but at the end of the day, this show was about me finding my happiness with somebody and them finding their happiness with me and that’s what we got. I just really hope that Australia will be happy for me. I totally get why [Australia is] smitten with Timm. He’s a great guy, but my heart belongs to Carlin.”

Angie on whether she’s still chatting to Timm

“We have kept in contact. He reached out to me not long after we finished filming, just checking in on me, just seeing how things are. We’ll have a little chat, it’s very friendly. I always tell Carlin whenever Timm and I talk, and Timm and Carlin speak on the phone too. He’s a beautiful person and I do want him to be in my life. I don’t know if that’s selfish of me, I would love for him to be my friend.”

Carlin and Angie on their plans for the future

Carlin: “I think we’ve come to the understanding that it makes sense for Angie to probably move to Sydney – it’s a career move, but it’s also this relationship. I would not pressure her to do that at all and she knows that. Just right now you kind of have to have a game plan. If you’re gonna be doing long distance you need to have something set in place or else it can be really difficult.

“We’ve been more and more surprised just how deeply we’ve been falling for each other. As time goes by our connection is getting deeper and deeper.”

Angie: “I think because we’ve already had such an insanely different relationship to anybody else starting off.  I think it’d be quite important for us to be able to spend time whenever we want to be able to see each other. For now it’ll be long distance but I’ll definitely be looking at moving back to Sydney next year.

“We’re very, very happy. We’ve definitely had our own little rock safari in itself on the show and we’ve kind of gone from strength to strengh post-show. We’re very much in love.”