Angie punkee kissing the bachelorette

A Complete List Of Every Man Angie Has Pashed So Far On ‘The Bachelorette’

The kissing on this season of The Bachelorette has been frequent, frisky and full-on (a lot of tongue, also tricks!). Angie’s loving it, and, weirdly enough, so are we, because we stan a queen who just wants to figure out if she’s pash-compatible with 20-odd blokes on TV.

Kiss ’em all! Cut the bad ones! That’s what I call dating!

While first Bachelorette Sam Frost didn’t go for it until episode three, last year’s Bachy Ali Oetjen was pashing as early as the very first cocktail party, when she handed out the wild rose.

Angie has wound up bang on-trend, joining Georgia Love and Sophie Monk, in pashing her first single date.

This is how we’ll be keeping track of every single smooch of the season: a Bachelorette kiss counter.


Tally: 9

Carlin scored a rose at the end of his 24-hour date on episode two, despite the whole ‘still married!’ conundrum. As the pair sat there, lost for words, Carlin took the opportunity to lean in for a pash.

Angie had this to say in her voxxy: “Here’s me thinking I wouldn’t pash for like weeks, but first date – pasher. And damn, I am so glad I did. OMG, the guy even kisses perfectly. He could give me pash rash any day.”

Carlin’s review was much the same: “It was great,” he giggled, already smitten.

Carlin and Angie: Bachelorette Kiss Counter

On the episode seven single date, Angie was not shy about expressing how horny she is for Carlin. They went water-biking as an excuse for her to rub sunscreen on him. Then they had rums and a fruit on the beach and talked about how much they were connecting, and he went in for the pash.

Here’s how Angie described it: “It’s one of those kisses where it’s like, yeah, you really like the person, and it’s not just that sexual attraction kiss. It feels right, and it feels romantic, and all the feels.”


Carlin and Angie went for an adventurous date just north of Sydney in episode 11. It involved driving through puddles, and because they’re safe drivers, there was no pashing. Carlin said that he was falling in love with Angie when they’re having wine and snacks in nature. They agreed to move on from the acting business!

In the finale, Carlin and Angie smooched heaps. They pashed upon seeing each other before meeting the parents (again). They pashed when they’re about to embark on their nature date. They pashed in a kayak. They pashed under a waterfall. Their last pash was over wine and not-cheese. And, of course, they pashed for a final time after they declared their forever love for each other.

Carlin won The Bachelorette! Go forth and pash heaps!


Tally: 3

Ciarran didn’t go in for the kiss when he won one-on-one time with Angie after the dog show group date in episode three. But when he won that time again after putting in the best stand-up performance in episode five, he wasn’t going to miss his opportunity again. So, with another rose attached to his lapel, he went in for the pash.

Voxy Ciarran had this to say: “I’ve definitely been thinking about kissing Angie. I’m not going to let another good chance slip away, so I’m definitely going in for it.” And his review was glowing: “I definitely didn’t want that to end,” he told Angie. “Angie is an amazing kisser. It was like fireworks. I feel like I’m on cloud nine,” he told the Australian public.

Angie’s report was even better: “Ciarran and I, we do have a lot of sexual chemistry, and he’s a very good kisser.”

Ciarran got the speedboat single date on episode six, where he mussed up his hair, drove a Mustang, and told Angie about his difficult upbringing in community housing in the UK. That display of vulnerability only made Angie like him even more.

He said he’d been wanting to kiss her all day – from the boat to the car to now, with their city views. “I never wanna stop doing that,” he said afterwards.

Ciarran and Angie had a kiss by the limo before he left the mansion on episode eight. It was tragic to see the fan fave leave, not knowing if his connection with Angie would’ve gone the distance, but needing to prioritise his family back in England.

Ciarran left The Bachelorette on episode eight, after his grandmother passed away.


Tally: 2

Jackson got a rose at the end of his single date in episode three, during which Angie got motion sick in a helicopter. Then they had a picnic in the dark and talked about what they were looking for in a partner.

“I’ve definitely cleaned my teeth, so I reckon we should even kiss,” Angie suggested. So they did!

Reflecting on the experience, Angie said: “Jackson’s a really good kisser. I spent four years on my couch going *kissing noise* every time the Bach and Bachelorettes pashed, and you know what, I’m one of ’em. Guilty as charged. And it’s worth it.”

Jackson won one-on-one time after crushing the daddy day care date in episode seven. After talking about his vision for a future family, and his childhood, he decided to remind Angie of their first kiss: “I brushed my teeth.” It worked, and Jackson was mighty proud of the move.

Jackson was eliminated on episode ten, because his pie dad is very difficult to be around.



Tally: 6

On episode five, Ryan was whisked off on a single date to do fireman stuff. They then sat back to talk about how much they liked each other and that they’d met their social media fantasy expectations. Of course, Ryan got a rose and a kiss.

Angie said, “It was really good! It was a good kiss. I thought it would just be very lovely, but it wasn’t lovely – it was lovely mixed with like little tricks, little kiss tricks, that you wouldn’t expect him to do because he’s so polite.” Ryan was floored by the whole thing: “That genuinely could have been the last first kiss – that’s huge.”

Then later, in the ep, they stressed what a good time they had on their date, before going in for a peck in a secluded spot during the cocktail party. Cheeky.

Ryan and Angie: Bachelorette Kiss Counter

During episode nine, Angie recruited a love/sex expert to help with ???. Madeleine instructed Angie to get handsy with a blindfolded Ryan, and for Ryan to kiss a blindfolded Angie, while he had fruit in his mouth. Disgusting, sure, but it counts as a pash.

They also pashed more without fruit, but the love expert was there the entire time (!!!), so we’re counting this session as one.

“Heart-on-my-sleeve, I’m dead-set falling for you so hard,” Ryan said, after their hometown date. “Just dead-set on you, ay?” So they pashed, having overcome their trust issues because he lied about wanting to go on Ali’s season of The Bachelorette. What a glorious love story this is.

After some whalewatching/dolphin spotting, Angie and Ryan had a pash on a boat – in spite of Angie’s motion sickness.

They then pashed while having a wine and a good sit on dry land, as Ryan laid out how he feels about Angie, and Angie mused on what a reliable partner he could be. Snore!

Ryan was eliminated in episode 11, because Angie just wasn’t as sure about him as he was about her.


Tally: 11

On episode four, Timm scored a rose at the end of his making-memories single date. So he leaned in for a snog.

“Look, I’ll be honest, I still can’t make heads or tails of Timm,” Angie explained in her voxxy. “All I know is he certainly makes me feel alive. It’s exciting not knowing what’s gonna happen from one minute to the next. For better or worse, I know that I need to explore this more, and I just can’t wait.”

He then swept in to talk to her some more at the cocktail party. He said, “I froth ya, you’re so gorgeous” (aww, sweet! I think?) and went in for another pash.

Timm and Angie: Bachelorette Kiss Counter

After the chaos of episode seven’s cocktail party, Angie wanted cheering up from the only man for the job – Timm. She decided to take him out of his comfort zone, making him dress up fancy and eat caviar, which led him to spend most of the date freaking out about the intensity of his feelings.

But by bath time, Timm was back to his regular antics, and of course, he copped a rose and a smooch.

In episode ten, Angie and Time had a right royal smooch, even after Timm’s friend, Jackson, tried to sabotage his mate’s chances with the Bachelorette. He really emphasised the party boy thing and Angie was suss on it, choosing to trust Timm instead. Good choices!

Timm and Angie had a pash on their sunflower painting date. They’re falling for each other with the chaotic energy of hormonal first love, except they’re in their late 20s.

They pashed again at the sitdown portion of their date, after Timm opened up to Angie about how serious he is about her.

Timm and Angie pashed upon seeing each other before meeting the parents (again) in episode 12. They pashed when they met way too early in the morning to hot-air balloon for their final date. They pashed in the hot-air balloon. They pashed in a pool afterwards, and while lazing by it. You would never have known that this wasn’t going Timm’s way…

Timm was eliminated in episode 12 because Angie was falling in love with Carlin.

That’s it so far. We’ll be updating this Bachelorette kiss counter as the show goes.